The Early Ford V-8 Foundation's vast collection of Early Ford V-8 memorabilia, parts, tools, reference literature, and even cars and trucks, has successfully been moved to our new Phase I building in Auburn, Indiana. Now that the building is up, we're getting donation offers of a lot more items! Every day we're getting closer to needing the construction of our main Museum facility, which is awaiting funding.

To help us achieve the funding we need to expand and grow, we need a strong membership base. The larger an organization we are, the easier it will be to attract corporate sponsorship and funding.

There are about 10,000 members of the Early Ford V-8 Club of America. The EFV8CA is NOT associated with our Foundation, although many members of the Foundation also belong to the V-8 Club. We'd like to see ALL the V-8 Club members become Foundation members.

Preserving history through the efforts of museums is one of the most important things a society can do. It educates, entertains, and helps "save the past" by keeping what we have left of the past, safe and secure, while encouraging others to restore and preserve what THEY have.

If you are already a member of the Early Ford V-8 Foundation, thank you. If not, please consider joining. The dues are just $25 per year. You'll receive bi-monthly issues of the Foundation News, and take pride is knowing that you are helping to save Early Ford V-8 history. There's a good chance you love old Fords because you're on this web site! If you have friends who also love Early Ford V-8s, direct them to our site to sign up. If you belong to the Early Ford V-8 Club, encourage your fellow members to join.