Capital Campaign "Building the Future"

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Ways to Donate

There are many ways YOU can help the Early Ford V-8 Foundation Museum expansion become a reality. Consider becoming a Museum Member if you are not already. As a member, you receive free admission to the museum and a subscription to Foundation News to keep you up to date on the latest news for the Museum.

Naming Opportunities

Help us finish Building the Future by sponsoring a Naming Opportunity within the new space. Naming Opportunities highlight the support of our members and donors who helped the Early Ford V-8 Foundation Museum reach its goals. It is a one-time gift to the Museum, and you receive a form of recognition within the Museum. Please refer to the complete list of Naming opportunities to sponsor today!

Jerry Windle Event Center

Sponsor a square foot in honor of Jerry Windle within the Event Space to thank Jerry for all his hard work and dedication to the Early Ford V-8 hobby.

Go one step further and sponsor an element within the Jerry Windle Event Center like:

Table Setup: One table and six chairs, $500

Bathrooms (2): Sponsor the bathrooms outside of the Event Center for $20,000

Prep Kitchen: Work zone for event cater and staff to prep meals and beverages, $25,000

Sound System: Equipment for entertaining guests, presentations, and live music for events, $40,000

The Floyd Motors Service Center

The Floyd Motors Service Center is a full automotive service center dedicated to conserving and preserving the Museum's collection.

Sponsor an element with the Service Center to help the museum maintain the collection.

Tool Boxes: Tool storage for Classroom and Tool Cage, $1,000.

Two-post Lift: perfect for easy access to wheel assemblies and working on the underside of a vehicle, $10,000.

Four-post Lift: A four-post lift can handle larger loads than the two-post lift and can also be used as storage, $10,000.

Detail Station: A designated place to dust and clean display vehicles, $20,000.

Tool Crib: Storage for all tools used in the Floyd Motors Service Center, $20,000.

Storage Vault and Other Sponsorship Opportunities

Parking Spot: 15 new spots were added to our parking lot to accommodate guests in the event center, available for $1,500.

Decade Sponsor: What's your favorite era, the 1930s, the '40s, or the '50s? Now is the time to take advantage of having an area named for your favorite era of display cars. Available for $10,000.

Offices (2): Workspace for employees to conduct business, $20,000.

Landscaping: Help with the beautification of the outside of the new building by sponsoring the landscaping for $30,000.

Art Deco Entry Way: Entrance to the Event Center with glass block and Ford Dealership decor, $100,000.

Storage Vault: Storage for the museums growing collection, $200,000. You can sponsor a square foot or a square yard within this space to help the Museum reach its goal.

If you would like to sponsor a Naming Opportunity please contact the Museum at (260) 927-8022