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Official Restoration Books of the Early Ford V-8 Club of America. Click Here.

Featuring rare items and books related to Ford
some in VERY limited quantity.



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Gear Shift Knobs




Jens Jensen: Landscape Architect for the Fords... & YOU

A Brand New, hot-off-the-press book on the life and times of Jens Jensen, the landscape architect for Henry and Clara Ford. He designed the beautiful landscape at the Ford's Fair Lane home.

"This book by Donn Werling and Rick Meader will help you understand key features of Jensen's work and apply his design principles to your own home gardens." a book for Ford history buffs as well as folks looking to create beautiful gardens of their own. 8.5"X11",112 pages, soft cover with loads of great photos, many in full color. Just $19.95 plus $3.75 S&H.


NEW Ford V-8 Engine Book!

Hot off the press! A 2-Volume set of 456 pages about the development of the Ford V-8 engine. Compiled from previous articles that appeared in the V-8 Times as well as engine content of previous Ford Restoration books, all in this 2-volume set. You will find block identification, serial numbers, engine oddities, conversions, and much more. It's a must for your Ford flathead library. Compiled by Scot Kohler. A limited number of these books have been printed, so get yours now!
Just $60 plus $5.50 media mailing to the U.S. Sorry - NO foreign orders for this set.


Floyd 1936 Ford Collection

Joe Floyd of South Dakota donated his collection of 18 - 1936 Fords to the Early Ford V-8 Museum. Before he did, he had a professional protographer take photos of the entire collection and had a 95-page book published. Each car has a story connected with it and Joe shares those stories in his own words. The book is hard cover and measures approximately 8" X 10".
This is your chance to read all about this incredible collection and see the photos, all in color! The proceeds from the sale of this book benefit the Museum. Priced at just $25 with $3.75 S&H. (Foreign Buyers please contact us regarding shipping).


FORD: Yesterday & Today

This is a brand new large (10" x 11") "FORD--Yesterday and Today" book. It features lots of interesting facts, stories, period manufacturer advertising and many full-color photos. Covers 1903 - 2009. An excellent, 160 page hard cover book. FREE shipping to the U.S. Just $17.95.


Ford Badge-ID Book

To order online with your credit card, Click Add to Cart and check out. To order just a genuine Ford Rouge Badge, see the next sale item below.
Copy and print the form above if you wish to send a check. Call the Museum if you wish to use your credit card without doing so online.
Note that prices are for: USA ONLY, CANADA ONLY, and ALL OTHER COUNTRIES (International). Be sure to use the appropriate pricing option.Online Prices INCLUDE Shipping charges.

Book or Book w/Badge


Ford Rouge Badge

A "Mystery Volunteer" came upon some of these Genuine Ford Rouge Plant Badges. We have a very limited number of them for just $25 shipped. They are all stamped with the letter "Z". The letter and following number indicates in which plant and department they were issued. This particular example indicates it is from the Ford Rouge Plant Chassis Frame Stamping Department. Order yours now before we run out! You can also order by calling 260-927-8022 in Indiana.

(The badge shown is a sample and represents the one you'll e sent)


Damsels in Design

"Damsels in Degign: Women Pioneers in the Automotive Industry, 1939-1959" This was just puglished Feb. 28th. It's a terrific book, giving attention and recognition to the women who helped design automobiles bacl when, well, women just didn't do that kind of thing!
Hard cover, 192 pages, many in color and many that have never been seen before. A must for anyone insterested in automotive design.
We have this book in limited supply and at a special cost of just $32.95 plus $5.00 S&H. (Foreign shipping, please inquire.)


Edison and Ford in Florida

Edison and Ford in Florida [Images of America Series from Arcadia Publishing].
The lives of Thomas Edison and Henry Ford intersected at their winter homes in southwest Florida. Edison first visited Fort Myers in 1885, building a home and laboratory soon after. There, he wintered with his wife, Mina, and their children, Madeleine, Charles, and Theodore. Ford purchased the adjacent estate in 1916, wintering in the area with his wife, Clara, and son, Edsel. Here in southwest Florida, these famous neighbors relaxed and found time to explore new projects.
This 128 page, soft cover book is now available from the Ford V-8 Museum for just $19.95 plus S&H.


Arsenal of Democracy

A.J. Baime has written an outstanding book on Detroit’s incredible mission of outfitting the U.S. and many of our allies with the military equipment needed to win World War II. This book received the coveted “Book Award” given out by the Henry Ford Heritage Association this year. It includes many companies and their contributions during the war, but it mainly concentrates on the Ford Motor Company and Henry and Edsel Ford’s amazing feats of production. A Must-Read!

We have TWO editions for sale: $27.00 in hard cover; plus we have a very limited number of books SIGNED by the author for $32.00, while supplies last. Add $3.75 S&H.
Your Choice

go like hell.jpg

Go Like Hell

Ford, Ferrari, and their Battle for Speed and Glory at Le Mans. An exciting book by A.J. Baime. Back in the 1960s, with Ford Motor falling behind in sales, Henry Ford II, Lee Iacocca and Carroll Shelby concocted a scheme to reinvent the company. This is that story! Paperback only, on sale for just $15.95 + $3.75 S&H in the USA.


Ford Design Department Concept & Show Cars

This is an icredible book by Jim & Cheryl Farrell. It's a 399-page book, hard cover, with hundreds of photos of Ford designers, clay modelers, engineers, and of course, the CARS. It covers 1932 - 1961 design development. 10" X 13" in size. Selling for hundreds of dollars elsewhere, we are offering it for just $99.00 with FREE media mailing to the U.S. A Great Gift Idea for the Ford Lover! Limited quantity, so act fast.


Fearless - Story of Louise Smith

A BRAND NEW 32-page hardcover book on the life and career of Louise Smith, professional NASCAR race car driver. The book is listed as for kids, grades 1-3, but we think adults will love it too. The brilliant color illustrations by Scott Dawson are awesome! Just viewing these incredible drawings is worth the price of the book. We have a limited number of these for just $14.95 with FREE shipping to the continental USA. They make great gifts for just about anyone in the family!


Famous Ford Woodies

By Lorin Sorensen, a great book on 1929 - 1951 Ford Woodies. 248 pages in a hard cover format. Width 10.4 In. Length 11.3 In. Over 200 photos in B&W and color. A great reference book as well as a great read! Nobody did it better than Lorin Sorensen.
This is a BRAND NEW book, not a used one. Don't pay $80. We're selling these at just $49.95 with FREE shipping to the U.S.


America's Assembly Line

All you'd ever want to know about the Assembly Line. Lots of information on Ford's involvement with assembly line practices and how Henry Ford used this innovation to bring the price of his Model T down to such an incredibly low level. Not just about Ford and the U.S., but how the assembly line was treated in foreign countries as well. Fascinating look into manufacturing.
Just $16.50 plus $3.75 S&H. VERY LIMITED quantity at this price. Paperback edition.


I Invented the Modern Age

A fresh and entertaining account of Henry Ford and his invention of the Model T - the ugly, cranky, invincible machine that defined twentieth-century America. Richard Snow vividly shows Ford using his innate mechanical abilities, hard work, and radical imagination as he transformed American industry. In many ways, of course, Fords story is well known; in many more ways, it is not.
384 pages in Paperback. A Limited quantity of these are available for just $16.50 with FREE SHIPPING! SORRY - U.S. SALES ONLY FOR THIS BOOK



A beautiful Hard Cover book on the T-Bird. Written by the well-known author, Michael Lamm, it was a promotional piece for Ford when they introduced the 2002 T-Bird. It tells of the development of the re-introduced T-Bird, but it covers much more than that: Thunderbird Heritage, Iconography, racing and much more. Originally sold for $39.95, we have a limited quantity for just $20 plus $3.75 S&H.


New Flathead V-8 Book

Just $21.95 shipped to the US.

Identifying and rebuilding a Ford flathead V-8 today — that’s what this book is all about. It reviews the evolution of the engine design; surveys what the factory and rebuilders did “in the day”; and evaluate the current options. For the most part, what early rebuilders did back then still works now. It is hoped this book will provide an introduction to building a stock or modified flathead Ford using currently available parts and shop practice. This book is not a detailed rebuilder’s manual illustrating all aspects of common shop practice. Nor is the book a restorer’s guide which details the small parts hardware and the fine points of the appearance of the engine. The emphasis in this book is on the evolution of the basic design and the restoration of proper function of the engine.

U.S. & Foreign Prices with Shipping


'40 FORD

In this illustrated history of the ’40 Ford, auto historian Joe Cabadas delves into the archive of The Henry Ford in Dearborn, Michigan, to offer a complete history of the 1940 Ford: the design and production process that led to the car; the various body styles; motorsports; and hot rodding. Sidebars feature prominent, key figures within Ford, the cars in popular culture, significant contemporary automobiles from competitors, and more. Two hundred rare photographs and illustrations from the collections of The Henry Ford and from photographers around the country marvelously illustrate the iconic automobile. NOW Just $18.95 plus $3.75 s&h. Quantity limited!

The Ford Dealership-Vol 1


Hard-bound, dust cover, heavy, glossy paper, 420 full-page photographs. This book covers Ford Dealerships from 1903 - 1954. Written by Henry Dominguez. A great gift idea! Just $49.95 plus s&h. SORRY - US SALES ONLY. NO FOREIGN SHIPPING.

The Ford Dealership-Vol 2


NEW: Volume 2, covering 1908 - 1970. Book is 366 pages in length and has one full-page photo per page. Just $49.95 plus s&h. SORRY - U.S. SALES ONLY. NO FOREIGN SHIPPING. Order yours today!


The Life of the Automobile

Historian Dr. Steven Parissien examines the impact, development, and significance of the automobile over its turbulent and colorful 130-year history.He tells the story of the automobile, and of its creators, from its earliest appearance in the late nineteenth century - as little more than a powered quadricycle - through the mergers and bailouts of the twenty-first century.
Just $17.50 with FREE SHIPPING. Hurry, quantity is limited! Sorry - NO SALES OUTSIDE THE U.S.

FORD In the Service of America


This is the history of the Ford Motor Company's achievements and products during World Wars I and II. It demonstrates how, in addition to well-known contributions like jeeps, Eagle Boats and B-24 Liberators, Ford also produced key items ranging from squad tents and the ultra precision gun director to tanks and aircraft engines. Details on each product and how Ford produced it are included. During both wars, the automotive giant used precision manufacturing methods and innovative designs and procedures to increase quantity and quality while lowering production costs.
$35.00 plus shipping.

1949-51 Ford Servicing Bulletins - NEW LOWER PRICE!


This is a set of 12 booklets covering several topics including Electrical Supply system, Ignition, Carburetor, Generators and Starters, Steering, Troubleshooting, the 1952 Overhead Six engine, and more. All packed into a nice cardboard holder. Just $22.00 with FREE S&H to the U.S. An Absolute Bargain at this new price!



In this insightful examination of a neglected historical episode, Greg Grandin depicts Henry Ford's disastrous attempt to establish a rubber-producing settlement in the jungles of Brazil. While Ford's plan was initially motivated by purely economic reasons, it eventually swelled into an attempt to create a utopic society wherein industry and nature would coexist in perfect harmony. Unfortunately, only Ford himself got to decide the elements necessary to an idyllic existence, leading to absurd attempts to indulge the pre-industrial natives with square dances and tennis courts. FORDLANDIA was a finalist for both the 2009 National Book Award and the 2009 National Book Critics Circle award for nonfiction. 436 pages, Softbound. $21.95 plus S&H.

Ford Performance Handbook


From the author of Blown Flathead, comes this new book packed with even more flathead Ford building and tuning tips. This handbook describes proven combinations for both the street and the track. Complete buildups of both normally aspirated and supercharged flatheads are presented with actual test results. The featured engine, Killer, made over 215 hp naturally aspirated, and 335 hp supercharged! Find out what really works for making serious flathead horsepower without breaking the engine or the budget This is a softbound, big format, 8.5”x11” book with 144 pages and over 120 color and B&W illustrations. $20 plus S&H.

Cars of the 1950s


By The Auto Editors of Consumer Guide. A tribute to the cars of the 1950s. More than 700 images, including period newspaper and magazine ads, showroom brochures, and photos. A Bargain Price of just $18.00 plus s&h. It sells for MUCH more elsewhere on-line! Get one while we have them in stock.

About Henry Ford


"About Henry Ford", essays by Joe Freeh. Published by the Early Ford V-8 Foundation. Joe's goal was to portray Ford as a neighbor or close relative may have seen him, rather than a "mover and shaker" of industry. This is a 94 page, soft cover book, containing 43 essays. A great gift idea for the holidays, Father's Day or for a youngster to learn about Henry Ford! NEW LOWER Price: $9.95 plus S&H.




1932 Ford Poster

Hand-Drawn Ford Posters by Dan Cragg. They measure 27" X 36". We are now an official retailer for these beautiful posters depicting several models of Ford V-8s.
The price is $30.00 each plus $5.00 S&H to the U.S. If you'd like more than one, please call 260-927-8022 for special pricing.


1934 Ford Poster

Hand-Drawn Ford Posters by Dan Cragg. They measure 27" X 36". We are now an official retailer for these beautiful posters depicting several models of Ford V-8s.
The price is $30.00 each plus $5.00 S&H to the U.S. If you'd like more than one, please call 260-927-8022 for special pricing.


1936 Ford Poster

Hand-Drawn Ford Posters by Dan Cragg. They measure 27" X 36". We are now an official retailer for these beautiful posters depicting several models of Ford V-8s.
The price is $30.00 each plus $5.00 S&H to the U.S. If you'd like more than one, please call 260-927-8022 for special pricing.


1937 Ford Poster

Hand-Drawn Ford Posters by Dan Cragg. They measure 27" X 36". We are now an official retailer for these beautiful posters depicting several models of Ford V-8s.
The price is $30.00 each plus $5.00 S&H to the U.S. If you'd like more than one, please call 260-927-8022 for special pricing.


1940 Ford Poster

Hand-Drawn Ford Posters by Dan Cragg. They measure 27" X 36". We are now an official retailer for these beautiful posters depicting several models of Ford V-8s.
The price is $30.00 each plus $5.00 S&H to the U.S. If you'd like more than one, please call 260-927-8022 for special pricing.


1946-48 Ford Poster

Hand-Drawn Ford Posters by Dan Cragg. The 1946-48 poster measure 27" X 32". We are now an official retailer for these beautiful posters depicting several models of Ford V-8s.
The price is $30.00 each plus $5.00 S&H to the U.S. If you'd like more than one, please call 260-927-8022 for special pricing.


1949-51 Ford Poster

Hand-Drawn Ford Posters by Dan Cragg. They measure 27" X 36". We are now an official retailer for these beautiful posters depicting several models of Ford V-8s.
The price is $30.00 each plus $5.00 S&H to the U.S. If you'd like more than one, please call 260-927-8022 for special pricing.


Mercury Poster

Hand-Drawn Ford Posters by Dan Cragg. They measure 27" X 36". We are now an official retailer for these beautiful posters depicting several models of Ford V-8s.
The price is $30.00 each plus $5.00 S&H to the U.S. If you'd like more than one, please call 260-927-8022 for special pricing.


Street Rod Fords Poster

Hand-Drawn Ford Posters by Dan Cragg. They measure 27" X 36". We are now an official retailer for these beautiful posters depicting several models of Ford V-8s.
The price is $30.00 each plus $5.00 S&H to the U.S. If you'd like more than one, please call 260-927-8022 for special pricing.

30th Anniversary MUSTANG Poster


Rare 30th Anniversary Mustang Poster issued back in 1994. Measures 20X36. Just $9.00 plus s&h.

Gear Shift Knobs



2018 Grand National Gear Shift Knob

This is the Gear Shift Knob which was sold at the Ford V-8 Club's Grand National Meet in Dearborn, MI in 2018. Just $20 plus $3.75 shipping to the U.S.


2017 Eastern National Meet Knob

The Northern Virginia RG 96 donated these beautiful Gear Shift Knobs which were used at their 2017 National Meet. Priced at just $20 plus $3.75 S&H, we have a very limited number of them for sale!


2016 Eastern National Meet Gear Shift Knob

This is the Gear Shift Knob which was sold at the Ford V-8 Club's Eastern National Meet in Gettysburg, PA in 2016. Just $20 plus $3.75 shipping to the U.S.

1940 Ford GSK-web.jpg

2015 ENM Gear Shift Knob

This is the special Gear Shift Knob that was sold at the 2015 Eastern National Meet in Charlotte, NC depicting the 75th Anniversary of the 1940 Ford. A great collector's item! Just $20 with $3.75 shipping to the U.S. We have a Limited Quantity, so order one soon.


2014 Western National Meet Gear Shift Knob

This is the official Gear Shift Knob used at the Western National Meet in 2014, Thousand Oaks, CA. Our thanks to Phill Hall of CA for bringing these to the Museum to sell! $20 plus $3.75 to the U.S. Limited quantity.


2013 Grand National Knob

We have the special Golden Jubilee 2013 Gear Shift Knobs for sale. This is the one sold at the Grand National Meet in Tahoe, celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Early Ford V-8 Club of America. Just $20 each plus $3.75 s&h.


1937 Gear Shift Knob

1937 Gearshift Knob by Dennis Carpenter. A beauty! It's a reproduction of the knob Ford sold at the Rotunda in 1937. Limited quantities, so order today! $20 plus $3.75 S&H.

1936 Gear Shift Knob


1936 Dallas Centennial Gear Shift Knob by Dennis Carpenter. This is the same knob sold at the 2011 Eastern and Central National Meets to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the 1936 Ford. Limited quantity available! $20.00 plus $3.75 S&H.

1935 Ford Gear Shift Knob


BACK IN STOCK! We found some 1935 Ford Gear Shift Knobs by Dennis Carpenter. They feature the San Diego Ford Exhibition building. Just $20 plus $3.75 s&h. Don't wait! Quantities limited.



Ford Filmstrip DVDs


1934 Ford Filmstrips DVD


A set of FIVE Ford Training Filmstrips for 1934 on one DVD. Titles are: The New Ford Truck for 1934; Better Than Ever V-8 Engine; This Work of Ours; The Ford V-8 Truck On the Job; Written On the Road.
Just $29.95 with FREE domestic shipping.

1935 Ford Filmstrips DVD


Five Ford filmstrips on one DVD for 1935 Fords. $29.95 with FREE domestic shipping.
The Titles are: 60,000 Miles or More, Good Demonstrations Make Sales, Keep the Ball Rolling, This Greater Value, The Woman's Choice.

1936 Ford Filmstrip DVD


Five Ford Filmstrips for 1936 Fords, all on one DVD. The filmstrip titles are: The Car Without a Price Class, Performance with Economy, Ford V-8 Riding Comfort, Safest Ford Ever Built, Sales Takes Steam. Just $29.95 with FREE domestic shipping.

1937 Ford Filmstrip DVD


Five Ford filmstrips on one DVD covering the 1937 Ford. These filmstrips were used by Ford to train their sales and service employees. The titles on this DVD are: Look Beyond the Order Pad, Your Job For 1937, The New V-8 Commercial Cars for 1937, A New Year with R&G, Judge For Yourself. $29.95 with FREE domestic shipping.

1938 Ford Filmstrips DVD


Five Ford Filmstrips for 1938 are contained on this one DVD. The titles are: A New Truck A New Market, How to Present Ford Brakes, Demonstrations, How to Present the Ford V-8 Engine Story, How to Present Ford V-8 Overall Economy. Just $29.95 with FREE domestic shipping. These are being offered for the first time by the V-8 Museum!

1939 Ford Filmstrips DVD


Five great Ford Filmstrips on the 1939 Ford all on one DVD. Asking just $29.95 with FREE domestic shipping. Order one today. Also available in the Ford Store are 5 filmstrips each for 1934 through 1940. This 1939 DVD titles are: Seven Stepping Stones to Sales, Buying the Trade-in, Facts About Ford Passenger Cars, The New Ford V-8 Cars and Trucks for 1939, Selling Ford Quality.

1940 Ford Filmstrips DVD


Five Ford filmstrips on one DVD. Titles are: Ask Them to Buy Now, Keep Bringing Them Back to Ford in '40, The 1940 Ford Style Show, 1940 Ford V-8 Trucks and Commercial Cars, and Vacation By Truck. Just $29.95 with FREE domestic Shipping.


1951 Ford Filmstrips DVD

A set of FIVE Ford Filmstrips transferred to DVD.
The titles are: Touch & GO (Fordomatic), The People Say, The 1951 Ford (in color), The Ford Quality Story and New Unit Service. Just $29.95 with FREE domestic shipping.


Mercury Filmstrips DVD

A collection of FIVE Mercury filmstrips transferred to DVD.
The titles are: The 1939 Mercury Joins the Ford Quality Group, The Mercury V-8 for 1940, New Mercury for 1941, Moving '49 Mercury Sales and Better Than Ever (1950).
Just 29.95 with FREE domestic shipping.


2013 Golden Jubilee DVD

No Videos - but over 825 photos of the Golden Jubilee of the Early Ford V-8 Club of America held in 2013 at Lake Tahoe. Photos include the concourse, swap meet, tour, operations check, even the car wash-up area! Beautiful, high quality jpeg files. If you attended, you’re likely to find yourself and maybe your car in some of these shots. If you didn’t attend, then you’ll want this historic photographic record of this once-in-a-lifetime event. Order online for just $9.95 plus s&h . Also available in our Museum Gift Shop. But hurry, quantities are limited. (DVDs donated to us by the Golden Gate RG #1, hosts of the Golden Jubilee.


The Story of Willow Run DVD

This film in Public Domain, is an INCREDIBLE story of Willow Run, the largest factory of its kind in the 1940s built in record time by Ford Motor Company. It's the best film on this subject we've ever viewed! The B&W quality is EXCELLENT. It runs 33+ minutes. It was shot by Ford Motor Company's Film Department. The Early Ford V-8 Museum is making this film available on DVD for just $12.50 with FREE First Class Mailing. If you're a military, war plane, or Ford buff, this DVD is for you.

Ford Aviation DVD


Henry Ford's Aviation Ventures - 1924 - 1936. Enjoy the history of Ford Aviation through the eyes of the Ford motion picture cameraman. A 40 minute video narrating the history of Henry & Edsel Ford's aviation legacy.
$14.95 plus s&h.




New Ford Cap - Blue

This is now the Official Foundation Museum Cap. Just $15.00 plus $3.75 S&H.


New Foundation Cap-Red

Just in: a Red Foundation Museum Cap. Just $15.00 plus $3.75 S&H.


New Foundation Cap-Blue

Just in: a BLUE with Red Foundation Museum Cap. Just like the Red one above, with the Red and Blue reversed. $15.00 plus $3.75 S&H.


Foundation MF6 Cap

This is the cap we sold at MotorFest 6. A lot of guys like it because of the unusual "Diamond Plate" bill. Just $15 plus $3.75 shipping to the U.S.


Ladies Cap

Sized for women and available in chocolate brown with pink accents. On the side of the cap it has been embroidered as "No Car, No Story". On the back it reads "Let A Woman Do It". Frayed distress look on the bill. Just $12.00 plus $3.75 S&H.

Polo Shirt


A handsome, 3 button Polo shirt featuring the Foundation's logo is now available. Goes great with our new cap! Just $37.95 for sizes Small up to X-Large; $39.95 for Double X. Please state the size when you order.(plus S&H).





V-8 Necklace

A beautiful V-8 Necklace in your choice of Gold or Silver finish. Just $12.00 plus $3.75 s&h. Also available in our Museum Gift Shop!
Choose Finish


V-8 Earrings

A pair of lovely V-8 Earrings in your choice of Gold or Silver finish. Just $15.00 plus $3.75 s&h. Also available in our Museum Gift Shop!
Choose Finish



Ford Script Tire Gauges


We ran out but our Mystery Shopper has uncovered another batch of these nifty Ford Script Tire Gauges! You get a set of 3 for just $9.95 with FREE SHIPPING. We sell out of these fast, so don't delay.

Ford Life Index


Do you own several (or all) of the great Lorin Sorensen’s Ford Life magazines? If so, you need this—an index of all the articles contained in that series. Or if you’re looking for material on a particular topic, you may find it in this index and then go on-line to find the issue you need. Many are still available on ebay, flea markets and other sites. It also contains an index for the short-lived Ford Illustrated magazine. We have a limited number of these idexes, compiled by Marll McDonald, for just $10.00 each plus $2.00 S&H.

Chevron Cars Woody Wagon


Chevron Cars #19, Woody Wagon, was released in May 1999. He's a bright turquoise Station Wagon with the wooden design of vintage 1950’s wagons and carrying a surfboard on his rack. He comes from San Diego, California and is into surfing. It comes with all the original items including the owner’s manual, surf board and stickers you can decorate the surf board with. Press down on Woody Wagon while he’s rolling and his eyes look up and over. The roof rack holds the surfboard and the surfboard also can come off. There are side view mirrors that look real and the doors open and close. Woody Wagon comes complete with whitewall tires. $13.95 ppd.


Bottle Stoppers

These unique bottle stoppers can be purchased with your choice of one of the Six Ford Gear Shift Knobs we sell. The price is just $25 plus $3.75 S&H. OR, buy just the Stopper for $15, plus $3.75. See the knobs we sell below and Call Josh or Suzy at the Museum to place an order. 260-927-8022. This way, you'll be sure to get the knob you want, and you can pay over the phone using your credit card or send a check.


Henry Ford Coin

The Early Ford V-8 Foundation has designed and manufactured a Commemorative Coin honoring the 150th Birthday of Henry Ford. *This coin is Made in the USA* (The actual coins are shown above) It is struck in a gold finish and officially licensed by Ford Motor Company, who has agreed to accept no royalties because they believe in the Early Ford V-8 Foundation’s mission. One coin: $9.95 US plus $3 S&H 2 - 4 coins: $9.95 US per coin plus $3 total S&H 5 - 9 coins: $9.95 US per coin plus $4 total S&H 10 coins: $9.95 US per coin plus $5 total S&H you can download an Order Form , fill it out and mail it in with your credit card info or a check. Or you can call 260-927-8022.

Buy the Foot



Buy the Foot

You can buy square footage of our Museum addition right here! The donation is $150 per square foot. You can buy as many as you'd like to help us riase funds for our 8700 square foot addition.
You will receive a certificate indicating your donation and your name and the number of feet you buy will be added to a large plaque that will hang in the addition.