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Sugar Valley Rally
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2019 Sugar Valley Rally Story


Sugar Valley Rally


As promised, here's the story of the 2019 Sugar Valley Rally, run by Craig Floyd and Ron Stauffer in Craig's '46 Ford Coupe. It ran from May 31 - June 2. (Last year they were named Rookie of the Year, finishing 16th Place overall). Craig reports on their 2019 race and result:


Ready and Recognized!

Thursday we had a major problem. We spent 7 hours in a parking lot about 20 miles from Scottsbluff. Lucky for us almost everything we needed to convert back to regular points was in the car. We had a spare distributor, plug wires, condenser and coil. The only thing we didn’t have was a working coil. The spare was bad.
A kind person helped us get a new coil. We made it back to Scottsbluff just in time for technical inspection and we passed. We get to race! We didn’t get any testing done but the car is working.
We wanted to test the car before the Friday Rally class and the practice Rally. Again we had ignition system issues. We discovered the NAPA coil was bad. They had another one but we were 20 miles from Scottsbluff. If you ever need to restore your faith in your fellow man, break down in western Nebraska! We made some great new friends sitting on the side of the road.
One of the Rally participants skipped class to bring us the parts. The second NAPA coil was junk too. We now were missing Rally school and still on the side of the road. I wanted to load it up and go home. Ron said “we don’t give up". I agreed.


We're Back in the Race

We worked the problem and found a solution. A third coil, condenser and new points. We missed the afternoon practice Rally because we were working on the car. All day Friday we were in contact with the event organizers. At one point the officials offered us the use of the wining car from last year! The team had a back up car and wanted to make sure we could compete in the event. We were stunned by the offer and doubled our efforts to get our car running.
Eight hours later the car was running and we were able to meet all the participants at the end of Friday’s practice Rally. We received a DNS (did not start) for Friday, but no penalties. We would be allowed to race on Saturday but we had no Rally school and no practice. We were in for a long struggle to even get close to a respectable finish.
Our starting spot on Saturday was okay (starting position is determined each day by a draw). We Rally raced hard all day. Every stop I would find one of our associate team guys and ask more questions. We were constantly working on performance on each leg trying to figure out what we had to do to get a decent time. Unfortunately we don’t get updates on our car during the event. At the end of the day we were in 2nd place in our class! Number 2 of 16 very, very good teams.


A tough day.

Sunday was another good day but we could easily get beat by some little mistakes. Rally instructions were handed out at 7:20—“game on!”. Our starting position was good. We had a difficult day with lots of turns and hard instructions to navigate. By the time we finished I was convinced we gave our second place position away. I was convinced we were in 8th or 10th in class.


Holy Smokes!

Surprise, surprise! We finished 2nd out of 17 teams in the unlimited class. 7th overall out 36 total teams.
The event Organizers told the other teams they should look out next year because "Team 46" basically spotted the field a whole day of school/practice and still finishing 2nd in class.
The Organizers are so thankful for our participation and our corporate support of the event. We did good things for the Museum.

The Plaques Will be Proudly Displayed